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Founded in January 2012, Doncaster Brewery is a 10-barrel plant designed and built by Ian, the Head Brewer, with the purpose of creating beers full of taste and flavour using only the best quality ingredients. All our beers are vegan friendly.

Each beer name has a Doncaster focus, the most popular being Sand House Blonde, which we brew every other brew day to keep up with demand.

Our Mission Statement for the brewery is to support beer lovers in discovering new drinking experiences, by continuing to craft and source a variety of high quality beers.

Most of the casks of beer are served across the bar in the Tap, although we sell some to local pubs, other local breweries and supply to beer festivals.

To keep up to date with brewery news, follow Ian on Instagram donny.brewer, Twitter @DonnyBrewery or Facebook @DanumBrewery


The BeginningIan who ran his own garage business for 15 years decided on a complete change of direction in January 2012 and started building his 15 barrel micro brewery. “It’s something I have always wanted to do and I decided it was now or never” said Ian. Ian and his wife Alison funded the project themselves. Ian said, “I have built the Brewery from scratch and it has taken a lot longer than I first anticipated but I know every part of the kit so I will be able to maintain and repair it myself”.
The BreweryIan said, “The kit will make 4320 pints in a 15 barrel run. All the beers are to do with Doncaster and its heritage. We visited ‘The Point’ when they had the fantastic exhibition on The Sand House and have made a blond beer to focus on this fascinating part of Doncaster’s history. We have also be brewing a beer to celebration Doncaster’s award winning market. 1194 Charter Porter.
Promoting Doncaster's HeritageThe brewery which is named ‘Doncaster Brewery’ promotes all things, Doncaster. Ian and Alison, who were both born in Doncaster and have lived here all their lives wanted to do something to help put the town firmly back on the map.
The next part of the journeyIn January 2014 Ian and Alison took a property in the Town Centre – 7 Young Street – and started to work on moving the Brewery and creating a Tap Room. The brewery equipment itself was moved into the new premises in May and was manhandled through the front window due to the size of the vessels. Although the tap room was opened in January it was work in progress until the Official Launch on the 7th September 2014 when Rosie Winterton MP came and pulled a pint of beer with the help of Civic Mayor Councillor Pat Haith.

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