First Aviation

5% ABV

A copper coloured beer made with Maris Otter pale malt and Caramalt using East Kent Goldings and Magnum hops.

A mile citrus aroma with a spicy bitter flavour.


The first aviation meeting in England was held at Doncaster Racecourse in October 1909 between the 18th and the 23rd of the month. Doncaster Racecourse was chosen to host the air show following the worlds first air display in Rheims which were held in 1908.

The Doncaster event was very popular with the world's leading aviators attending including:

Captain Sir Walter George Windham
Ferdinand Leon Delagrange
Hubert Le Blon, Shreck
Roger Somme
Wilbur Wright
Louis Bleriot
Samuel Franklin Cody
Trophies and cash prizes were awarded at the Doncaster Meeting for the various events.

An American known as “Colonel” Samuel Franklin Cody changed his nationality by signing naturalisation papers in order to compete for the Daily Mail prize of £1000 which was due to be awarded to an all British aircraft and pilot for flying a 1 mile circular route. Sadly he crashed his British Army Aeroplane whilst taxiing and therefore was not able to complete the challenge and the prize was awarded to JTC Moore-Brabazon a few days later. A new world?s speed record was announced during the Doncaster racecourse aviation meeting when a Gnome powered Bleriot flown by Leon Delagrange completed a lap of the course in 1 minute 47 seconds (approx 50 mph)

In a Farman, Roger Sommer covered 20 laps which is a distance of 30 miles and he did this in 45 minutes. At the end of the meeting Sommer was presented with a cup for flying the greatest aggregate distance during the event.