Phantom Cinema

“The unquiet spirit of cinema, the elusive echo of dreams…”

What is Phantom Cinema?

It’s a new way of watching films that evokes the old way of watching films. It’s about showing films that people want to see but don’t otherwise have the opportunity to watch – the elusive stuff that doesn’t appear at mainstream multiplexes and isn’t shown on the telly anymore: horror, sci-fi, art films, b-movies, flops, follies and magnum opuses.

It’s about the experience of sitting down with strangers and being entertained or scared or intrigued or educated or moved to tears or hysterical laughter. It’s about opinion, and it’s about passion. It’s also about popcorn and ice cream in little tubs.

Most of all, of course, it’s about cinema, and all that cinema means and has added to our culture, and it’s about sharing our experiences and knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

Keep your Friday nights free, Phantom Cinema is here!

Click here for the Phantom Cinema Website and to buy tickets!


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