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T C Mild

Beer Type :
Strength :
Brewing Notes :
Initially intended to be a stout - this brew is better described as a mild.

It contains Maris Otter, Chocolate, black and caramel/crystal malt and roasted barley and was hopped with Phoenix hops.

It has a strong flavour suited to a stout but has a low ABV of 3.4%

Why T C Mild?

T C Mild is for Thomas Crapper.

Thomas Crapper was born in Thorne, near Doncaster in 1836.

He became a plumber and founded Thomas Crapper & Co in London. Contrary to widespread misconceptions, Crapper did not invent the flushing toilet. He did, however, do much to increase the popularity of the toilet, and developed some important related inventions, such as the ballcock. He was noted for the quality of his products and received several royal warrants.

Manhole covers with Crapper’s company’s name on them in Westminster Abbey are now one of London’s minor tourist attractions. Thomas Crapper & Co owned the world’s first bath, toilet and sink showroom, in King’s Road until 1966. The firm’s lavatorial equipment was manufactured at premises in nearby Marlborough Road.