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Stirling Single Coffee Stout

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5 kilos of Kenco Medium Roast Coffee was used in the making of this beer and it has a very unique flavour. It's name was chosen by local Doncaster CAMRA member Ian Jones.

Why Stirling Single?

Stirling Single Coffee Stout is named after the Great Northern Railway (GNR) No. 1 class Stirling Single steam locomotive. It was designed by Patrick Stirling for express passenger work and is characterised by a single pair of large driving wheels which led to the nickname “eight-footer”. Originally the locomotive was designed to carry up to 26 passenger carriages at an average speed of 47 miles per hour.

It was built at the Doncaster Works around 1870.

Patrick Stirling was a Scottish railway engineer, and Locomotive Superintendent of the Great Northern Railway of England. His father Robert Stirling was also an engineer. His brother James Stirling was also a locomotive engineer.

Patrick Stirling is buried at the cemetery at Hyde Park in Doncaster and his grave has recently been restored by the Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery.