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Silver Link

Beer Type :
Wheat Beer
Strength :
Brewing Notes :
A Wheat Beer

Blonde in colour, made with Lager Malt and Wheat Malt. Hopped using First Gold and Pilot hops.

A spicy cinnamon aroma. It has a refreshing taste with a suggestion of banana and ginger with a light spicy flavour on the finish.

Why Silver Link?

Silver Link was brewed for the 2015 Doncaster CAMRA Beer Festival.  The beer festival traditionally has a railway based theme running through it and as this was the 25th Doncaster Beer Festival (Silver Jubilee) the name Silver Link seemed appropriate.

The Silver Link was the first LNER A4 Class Locomotive – Pacific Class – built in 1935 and was assigned to pull the new train called the Silver Jubilee.

There was also a pub in Doncaster called The Silver Link on Bradford Row (Now The Priory)