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Lady Doncaster

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This beer has been made with a noble hop - SAAZ - therefore the royal name for this beer.

Made with Lager and Wheat malt and hopped only with Saaz hops this is a refreshing 3.8% blonde ale, a very easy drinking session beer.

Why Lady Doncaster?

It is said that Colleen Leith was born in 632 in the ramshackle slums of Invergarry, a working-class industrial suburb of Selkirk. Records of her early life are murky – according to some historians, because Leith herself worked hard to obscure them, later in life.

Exhibiting a talent for dance, and an even greater one for self-promotion, by age 17 she was a dancer in a troupe of popular entertainers working at a swanky club in Bannockburn, the commercial and entertainment district in the Caledonian capital city of Selkirk; the club regularly hosted nobles, diplomats and merchants. There, she attracted the attention of a suitor – Morris Gordon, younger brother of the current and two previous Sovereign Princes, at the time a 41 year old Crown Prince.

Morris surreptitiously had a business contact, Thomas Garragle (Viscount of Doncaster) to adopt Leith in exchange for a large sum of money, a land grant in the Stirling system, and a promotion in the peerage for two of Garragle’s sons. Thus, Ms. Leith was inducted into the nobility (albeit in a manner that was both morally unseemly and a bit of a challenge to the traditional notion of peerage), making her eligible to marry into the Royal Family.

Although marriage was in the future; historians are unsure when Morris and the newly-minted Lady Doncaster began their affair, but by the time of Countess Ann’s death in 653, she was Morris’ main consort. She gave birth to the future Prince Ian X in 654.