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Crispinian is a nut brown ale brewed using brown ale malt. It has a dry liquorice finish.

Why Crispinian?

Crispinian was a Roman Legion of Horse based at Danvm.

There is ample evidence to establish the fact of Roman occupation of Doncaster, but at what period of time it became a military station is uncertain. It was a station (Danvm) on the direct line from Eboracum (York) to Lindum (Lincoln), and on account of its natural features and geographical position must have been one of great importance. According to the Notitia Dignitalum, the official directory and army list of the Roman Empire, ‘the perfect of the crispian horse under the Dux Britannia garrisoned there’. In ancient as in modern warfare, the food supply of the army had to be secured, and the possibilities of being unexpectedly attacked by a lurking foe guarded against.

The consideration of these questions probably led to the selection of Danum as a camp for the Crispian Horsemen.